Trump’s Georgia election meddling trial begins

Former US President Donald Trump and 18 defendants are on trial in the state of Georgia, the case regarding the crime of interfering in the 2020 Presidential elections started yesterday. At the hearing, which was broadcast live on television, the Fulton District Attorney’s Office stated that the case would take 4 months and demanded that the two defendants’ lawyers, Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell, be separated from the other defendants. State Judge Scott McAfee announced that Chesebro and Powell, who demanded a speedy litigation process, refused their requests to separate the cases, and announced that the trial, where 19 defendants will be tried simultaneously, will begin on October 23. In the statement made by the District Prosecutor’s Office, it is noted that the trial against 19 defendants is expected to take approximately 4 months, and it is planned to hear more than 150 witnesses.

On the other hand, Judge McAfee stated that the predicted time was optimistic considering the number of defendants in the case and said, “It could easily be twice that.”

About Former US President Donald Trump 2020 presidential term in Georgia vote A 98-page indictment was prepared in which he was accused of interfering with the results, and 41 crimes were charged against Trump and 18 defendants. In the indictment, all of the defendants were charged with blackmail, conspiracy to commit fraud and making false statements, with sentences of up to 20 years in prison. Last month, Trump, who went to the Fulton County Prison in Georgia and surrendered to the authorities, was released on bail of 200 thousand dollars, and became the first US president in the history of the USA with a criminal photo taken for his file.

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