Transnistria statement from Russia: We will intervene in case of provocation

Russia Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Galuzin, Ukraineof, Moldovalocated in TransnistriaHe said that in case of provocation in Turkey, the Russian Armed Forces will undoubtedly respond and protect the people of the region.

“No one should doubt that the Russian Armed Forces will respond adequately to a provocation from Ukraine and will ensure the protection of our compatriots, the Russian peacekeeping force, the OGRF soldiers and the ammunition depots in Kolbasna in Transnistria. Any action that poses a threat to their safety,” said Galuzin. “It will be seen as an attack on the Russian Federation in accordance with international law,” he said.

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Stating that Moscow is aware of the concentration of Ukrainian forces near Transnistria, Galuzin said, “The situation in this region is really complex; the assessments of the regional administration guide us. Judging by the statements made by Transnistria leader Vadim Krasnoselsky so far, there is a direct threat of military escalation. not,” he said.


Stating that Russia is closely monitoring the situation in Transnistria, Galuzin said, “Any attempt to destabilize the situation will fail” warned.

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“Given the risky course of the Ukrainian authorities to escalate the conflict for the sake of their Western masters’ destructive plans, no event scenario can be ruled out,” said Galuzin.

galuzin, “avoid such scenarios” Noting that the Russian peacekeeping contingent was deployed in Transnistria to achieve its goals, “The Kiev regime has repeatedly demonstrated that it is ready to resort to the dirtiest and most brutal forms of hostility to achieve its goals. The deployment of military vehicles to residences and civilian infrastructure facilities, including schools, hospitals and kindergartens; “The use of it as a human shield is included in the record of acts such as terrorist attacks on Russian soil,” he said.

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