Trabzonspor’s young football player Arif Space has an eye on the national team!

Spor Toto will be the guest of Giresunspor in the 36th week of the Super League. Trabzonspor, continued the preparations for the match with his training. Young defender of the burgundy-blues before the training Arif SpaceHe made statements to the press about his future in Trabzonspor, the impact of coach Nenad Bjelica on the team and his career planning.

Asked whether playing in the left-back position, where few football players are trained, puts pressure on him, the young player said:I don’t know what my friends think, but I’m comfortable for myself. No rush on me. I hope I’m playing for everyone. The teacher values ​​me. Even though I played badly, he says it was because of me and takes the pressure off me. I hope I’m not playing bad. Your friends need to be comfortable. None are bad. Our teacher already gives importance to infrastructure‘ he said.


Explaining that he made positive evaluations about the performance of his friends in the first team, Blank said, “We are compatible with teammates. All of them speak positively. They say my shortcomings. Whether Abdulkadir or Yusuf, Marek Hamsik is already a world star. We all follow and follow his example. We act accordingly. We show respect. It’s good for us too‘ he said.

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“Chance Smiled On Me”

Explaining that every player trained in the infrastructure waits for an opportunity to be promoted to the A team, Arif vacuum said:

“We are always working, we are waiting for this chance. We have a chance depending on the players we are up to. Our friend Ahmetcan came, played, transferred. There are also examples that come a little due to luck and cannot take advantage of it. I hope everyone will evaluate it. Luck smiled on me too. I want to do my best.”

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Emphasizing that he expects to see more fans at the stadium next season, Gap, “Trabzonspor fans are very nice fans. A fan who is supportive when he’s good. It also saddens us to see the stadium empty. It was full last year, it was better. Maybe it’s like this because of where we are now, but I think it won’t be like this next year.” said.


Emphasizing that he does extra work outside of training, Blank said, “We all work extra but it depends on the intensity of the week. Our current instructors are very helpful. Our matches are a bit intense, so I train a little more calmly. I have been working since I came from infrastructure. The moment I say I am is the moment I lose. Since I came from infrastructure, I increased my studies. If I stop working, I’m done. The important thing for me in training is to be able to take that pressure. If you say ‘I can’t do this’ when someone yells at you, that workout is going bad. Everything happens when you trust yourself‘ he said.

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Stating that he also wanted to play for the national team, Blank said, “I went to the national team in the infrastructure, but it was unfortunate in general. My first target was the National Hope National team, and then the National team. Why shouldn’t I be a left-back in the national team. If they see me fit there, I won’t give them the jersey.”

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