Those who want to besiege Turkey will not sleep well

After Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s lead in the second Presidential Election, according to uncertain results, the voters of the People’s Alliance gathered in the Republic Square in Samsun.

The voters who filled the square showed joy with flags. Trade Minister Mehmet Muş, AKP Deputy Chairman Çiğdem Karaaslan, AKP deputies Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, Ersan Aksu, MHP Deputy İlyas Topsakal, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, People’s Alliance provincial presidents, party members and citizens attended the celebration held in Cumhuriyet Square.


Addressing the citizens on the party bus brought to the square, Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş said, “Samsun supported our President with a record vote today. Samsun supported the victory of our President with a vote of over 65 percent. Samsun, the capital of the Black Sea, the torch city of our Republic. Today, our President is not the only winner. , not the People’s Alliance, not those who voted for us, but our 85 million people all over Turkey. We will start working from tomorrow. We will start working to grow Turkey, enrich it, increase its prosperity, and raise Turkey to the level of contemporary civilizations. Tomorrow is a much different day. We will wake up to Turkey. In these elections, the nation has put its will on the side of a great Turkey. It has put the will of the nation on the side of stability. It has put the will of the nation on the side of growth and development. No one will be able to prevent this country from growing or becoming the leader of the region. We will make Turkey a self-sufficient country. Those who want to besiege Turkey will no longer be able to sleep comfortably. The nation gave us this message, this authority at the ballot box tonight. The welfare level of 85 million in 5 years will be very different. Everyone won today. What were we saying? We will win so much that no one will lose. I would like to thank each of our volunteers who have supported our campaign for 50 days. There is a much stronger Türkiye now,” he said.

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