Those who usurped an old woman in Eyüpsultan were caught

In the incident that took place in Eyüpsultan Mithatpaşa Mahallesi on February 25, the housewife HK(76) applied to the police and said that she was extorted. Victim HK said that he left the house for shopping, and while he was walking, a 30-year-old woman approached him and started chatting. Stating that they were sitting in a place to rest on Çağlayan street while walking together, HK said, “Then he told me that you were sick. He gave me a paper and a ring to read. I was stunned while trying to read the paper. One of them hit my head. Two bracelets on my arm, one 27 grams and the other 30 grams. They took my gold with 2 half gold and five of them in one place. They quickly fled from there.” said.

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In the investigation initiated by the Extortion Bureau, it was determined that the female suspect was captured by security cameras when she met the old woman on the road and formed friendships. In the investigation conducted regarding the incident, the police detained the suspect Nesip K.(30), who was involved in the incident. She was arrested by the court she was brought to after the suspect, who was found to have 25 criminal records before, was completed. During the second wave of the operation, the other suspects were caught in MAB(22) and Deniz K.(29). It was determined that Deniz K. had 48 criminal records for crimes such as fraud and theft by exploiting his religious beliefs and feelings. The suspect was arrested by the court and sent to prison. Suspect MAB was released on condition of judicial control.

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