They stole King Charles’ lambs

A group of animal rights activists in England stole three lambs they claimed were preparing for slaughter by breaking into King Charles’ Sandringham Estate.

The activist group Animal Rising in England has taken an extraordinary action. Three activists who broke into the Sandringham Mansion of King Charles of England stole the three lambs they claimed to be preparing for slaughter. According to reports in the British press, Sarah Foy, Rosa Sharkey and Rose Patterson, aged 23 and 33, lost the sheep as part of what they called an “open rescue” mission. The trio, who belong to the campaign group Animal Rising, allegedly rescued the animals from the King’s mansion before they were slaughtered and transported them to Appleton farm. The three activists were later detained by the police. Before surrendering, the women took pictures of the animals, which they named Sooty, Sunny and Sammy. and posed with banners that read, “I have saved the King’s sheep.”

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