They defrauded 60 thousand TL and said, ‘Brother, we are tired of you’

Onur Tıkıç, a ceramics worker living in Şirinevler Mahallesi, claimed that after receiving a call from a bank with an account and obtaining his personal information and approval for some transactions, a loan of 60 thousand TL was taken from his name. Stating that he was directed and sent money to the other party’s account, Tıkıç said, “They called me saying I’m calling on behalf of the bank. They said I applied for a loan. Even though I said I didn’t want it, I logged into my account with the distraction of my head. Then they directed me. I went to the ATM there. I was told to transfer money from there. Turns out I was putting money into the man’s account. Then he used an advance in installments. He increased the limit of my credit card to 28 thousand 500 TL. 30 thousand lira was withdrawn from the loan, and 30 thousand lira cash advance was taken from my credit card. I sent 60 thousand TL in total. I inserted the card back into the ATM to check. I saw that there is a thousand liras. Then I talked to the other party again. They replied, ‘Brother, we are tired of you,'” he said.

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Stating that he filed a criminal complaint against those who defrauded him, Tıkıç said, “I realized that I was defrauded when I did not have money in my account. I went to bank. I got the details. The officer there told me that I had been scammed. ‘We won’t pay you that much. The money we will give is 15 thousand liras. We don’t have a chance to give more,” he said. I was upset when I realized I had been scammed. I went home and told my wife about the situation. Then I went to a lawyer and filed a criminal complaint,” he said.

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