They broke his teeth with a paving stone and cut off the ear of someone who went for help – Last Minute Turkey News

Merve, a 15-year-old high school sophomore, met with her friends in the park in Sultangazi, Istanbul, after leaving home to buy textbooks.

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While the children were sitting on the benches, a group came up to them and started harassing the girls. One of them threw a paving stone at Merve, who was trying to get away with her friends. The injured girl was taken to the hospital.

Describing the incident, the mother said, “He throws the stone at my daughter’s face. She has 5 stitches on her nose, her teeth are broken, 5 teeth are missing. This child is only 15 years old. We cannot send our child to school. Why are these children being disturbed and beaten?”

According to the family, an attempt was made to cover up the incident.

Merve’s father said, “The phone rang around 15.30. The callers said that my daughter was sick and that she had been hit by a car. It turned out that it was the father of the person who injured my child. He hurriedly took her to the hospital to cover up the incident. We got involved in the incident later. So, of course, after all.” “We are complaining. We want what is necessary to be done,” he said.

Another young man who tried to intervene in the situation was beaten by the same group and injured in his ear with a knife.

Ç.İ., whose ear was cut off during the fight, said, “One of the boys there beat me. After that, we changed our location again. We ran away and came here, but they came after us. Right here, a fight broke out again with a larger group, and we were beaten here. Meanwhile, a stone hit Merve’s face. The situation is bad, he fainted right in this area. “My ear was split right here, too,” he said.

A criminal complaint was filed against the attackers.

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