The Turkish-Georgian gang that followed and extorted those who took money from the bank with GPS was busted

Ankara Police Department teams determined that a gang of Turkish-Georgian nationality spied on the cars of citizens who were taking large sums of money by observing the banks, attaching GPS to their vehicles, and then extorting these people. As a result of the work carried out by the teams, the gang was destroyed by simultaneous operations.

A citizen who applied to the police complained that he took 10 thousand 350 euros from the bank on September 1 to pay the workers’ salaries, that a person who got out of the vehicle tried to pull the bag in his hand when he came to the gas station to meet with the company partner, and when he could not get it, the second person who got out of the vehicle was robbed by punching him.

As a result of the studies carried out by the Extortion Bureau of the Ankara Public Security Branch Directorate, it was determined that the suspects who carried out the incident were Georgian nationals and that they followed the victims with a GPS tracking device and carried out the extortion. While it was determined that the gang tried to make people lose their tracks in different directions by constantly changing vehicles, it was determined that they were entering and exiting abroad by issuing fake passports. It was also determined that they carried out a looting of 34,500 dollars from an exchange office in the Ümraniye district of Istanbul on August 16. The suspects traveled from Ankara to Afyonkarahisar. After it was determined that they had fled to Antalya, the Turkish-Georgian gang was crushed by simultaneous operations. The investigation of the case is continuing.

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