The surprising benefit of watermelon seeds!

Prof. Dr. Vefik Arıcatouched upon the negative health effects of zinc deficiency. He also stated that zinc deficiency can lead to conditions such as the formation of wounds in the body, frequent infections, thinning of hair and nails, and said, “Zinc is found in high amounts in red meat, egg yolk, legumes, garlic and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds contain approximately 10 times the amount of zinc.” “It is the product with the highest quantity,” he said.

Adding that watermelon seeds can be used in two ways, Prof. Dr. Vefik Arıca said, “We can use it either by drying it as a seed or by eating it with watermelon. Both types can relieve chronic constipation and intestinal laziness in the body, especially with their high fiber content. They can relieve abdominal pain. Watermelon seeds are an excellent product for zinc deficiency.”

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