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Going back to the routine in September will weigh less this year in the pockets of the people of Madrid, who will be able to benefit from transport passes at a reduced price. Madrid is one of the 17 large cities that have decided to extend the universal discounts of 30% approved by the Government of Pedro Sánchez to promote public transport as a means of travel. After publishing the resolution in the Official Gazette this Monday, the Community of Madrid will apply from next Thursday, September 1, a 20% reduction to monthly subscriptions, so that the total savings for users will be 50%. The initiative will be in force until December 31, 2022, and serves all transport in the region: metro, buses and Cercanías trains.

Prices by zone

With the 50% discount, the monthly transport pass for Crown A of the Community of Madrid will cost 27.30 euros compared to the current 54.60 euros. Subscriptions in zone B1 will go from 63.7 euros to 31.8 euros per month; the titles of zone B2 will go from the current 72 euros per month to 36 euros per month from September; and in zone B3 – C1/C2 they will go from 82 euros to 41 euros per month, with a 50% reduction on the current rate.

Prices by age group

The reduction also applies to young and senior season tickets, which have a single rate for all zones. The youth season ticket ―up to 26 years old― will go from 20 to 10 euros, while that for the elderly ―from 65 years old― will be 1.60 euros, according to the current price table set by the Consortium Regional Transport of Madrid.

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What about single bills?

Not all transport titles will have the same discount. The regional reduction does not apply to single tickets, nor to 10-trip tickets, although the latter maintain the 30% discount from the central government (they go from 12.20 euros to 8.50).

And with annual subscriptions?

With regard to the possibility of extending this reduction to annual subscriptions, the Ministry of Transport, directed by David Pérez, continues to study the measure of returning the proportional part of the reduction or discount on the purchase of next year’s subscription, as confirmed by a spokesman. The discount, if finally approved, would affect 73,407 people who have chosen the annual rate over the monthly rate in 2022.

How long can you travel with these prices?

The discounted prices will be valid from September 1 to December 31, unless the central government decides to extend the discounts. Therefore, if a user recharges the transport pass on the last day of December, he will be able to benefit from the discount until January 31, 2023.

Is it profitable to buy the fertilizer?

With the price change, it is likely to be more profitable to buy the 30-day pass, even for those users who normally prefer the 10-trip ticket. It all depends on how much the metro or bus is used per month. As of September 1, this title will cost 8.50 euros for zone A, thanks to the 30% reduction from the central government. That is, each trip leaves for 0.85 euros.

Likewise, the zone A season ticket will cost 27.30 euros with a 50% discount, or 10 in the case of the young season ticket. In order for it to be more profitable to buy the 30-day pass, users must make more than 32 trips a month -little more than one trip a day- on the EMT Metro or bus in zone A. In other words, with commute to and from work for two weeks, the monthly subscription is without a doubt the most beneficial option. In the case of young people, it will be enough to make more than 12 trips a month so that it costs how much to buy the 30-day pass.

Travel in Cercanías, at zero cost

The reduction in transport passes is added to the initiative promoted by the central government to discount 100% commute trips, also between September 1 and December 31. These tickets can be purchased on the Renfe-enabled website and app, or at ticket offices and self-service machines at stations. The title allows unlimited free travel between any origin and destination of the nucleus for which it has been issued. You have a personal title, and to obtain it you must provide your DNI or passport. Although the trips will be free for users, it is necessary to deposit a deposit of 10 euros for the purchase of the new season ticket. Renfe advises paying by bank card to facilitate the automatic return of said deposit, which will be made at the time 16 trips have been made.

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