The opposition within the party in the CHP found the step of the bylaws change positive: ‘Our request is to have a primary election’

After the loss of the elections, the Democracy and Justice Movement, which criticized the proxy lists in the CHP, called for a bylaw change in the CHP. The new central executive committee of the CHP decided to establish a bylaws commission at the meeting held after the calls. Speaking to Cumhuriyet, former Manisa provincial head Semih Balaban, one of the leading figures of the opposition movement, stated that the headquarters did not communicate with them.

Released: 08.06.2023 – 04:00

Update: 08.06.2023 – 04:00


Semih Balaban said, “Our bylaws have had a positive impact. “I consider the headquarters to take our request seriously,” he said. Balaban, who shared his expectations regarding the new bylaws, stated that they attach importance to the issue of determining the deputies, mayors and city council members through intra-party elections.

Regarding the presidential debates, Balaban said, “We are not interested in a discussion over individuals. We want to change the mindset. If democracy is ensured within the party, everyone will be comfortable. We are in a common opinion at the bylaws congress,” he said.

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