The number of visitors to Göbeklitepe approached 500 thousand in 8 months.

Introduced to tourism in 2018 Gobeklitepe, of 2019 “Göbeklitepe Year” the same year as the announcement 412 thousand 378 people hosted a significant number of visitors.

Gobeklitepe, which started to attack again after 2020, when 197 thousand 912 people visited due to the coronavirus epidemic, broke its own record with 567 thousand visitors, although it was closed for the first 5 months in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Göbeklitepe, the rest of 2022 In 8 months, the number of visitors is 495 thousand 725. reached a new record at the end of the remaining 4 months gave hope.

Stating that a new page has been opened for Göbeklitepe since that day, but the desired level could not be reached during the pandemic period, Aydın said:

“Unfortunately, we could not reach the number of visitors we wanted due to the pandemic that was effective all over the world in 2020. Despite the pandemic being effective in the first months of 2021, it quickly recovered and reached a figure exceeding 560,000, which made it into the top 5 of Göbeklitepe in terms of the number of museums and ruins visitors. “When we look at it from this perspective, Göbeklitepe actually renews its own record exponentially every year. This year, we have reached the figure of 500 thousand as of August. As of September, our plan, our expectation is to exceed last year’s total figure and approach 600 thousand. This year, we probably broke our own record.” , will be the most visited year, the data we have shows that.”

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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism put into practice across Şanlıurfa. “Stone Hills” Stating that Göbeklitepe and 11 similar neolithic sites are located within the scope of the project, Aydın noted that they expect a significant activity in and around Şanlıurfa, especially in the number of foreign tourists, with the opening of these areas.

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Stating that they see the signals of this, Aydın said, “We can see the interest of foreigners in the field. Even small groups from different parts of the world come to Göbeklitepe and Karahantepe. One of the main reasons why Göbeklitepe is in such demand is that it has a history of 12 thousand years, series, animations. and the “Stone Hills” project attracted great attention. I think this will increase exponentially in the coming periods,” he said.

Tourist Müslüm Çoban, on the other hand, stated that the majority of the tourists who come to the city want to see Göbeklitepe and said, “Göbeklitepe has become the locomotive of Şanlıurfa tourism. Compared to previous years, there was a decrease in July and August, but even these months were good because of Göbeklitepe. The last 4 months will be good with the data,” he said.

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Vedat Akar, one of the citizens, stated that there are many places to see in Şanlıurfa, where they came from Bursa for the first time with his family, and said that Göbeklitepe is one of them. Expressing that Göbeklitepe is an impressive place, Akar invited everyone to Şanlıurfa.

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