The number of Syrians returning to their country voluntarily exceeded 554,000.

The number of those returning from Turkey to the safe zones in Syria, which was cleared from terrorism by the Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Peace Spring operations by the Turkish Armed Forces, reached 554 thousand 609.

Studies carried out to normalize daily life in the regions cleared of terrorism in Syria are progressing rapidly. Under the consultancy of Turkey, the voluntary return of Syrians to the regions, which have been made attractive by investments in areas such as education, health, transportation, infrastructure, sports, and trade, continues. Syrians who are forced to live in Turkey migrate to their countries from Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Hatay after the procedures at the Voluntary Return Office of the Directorate of Migration Management. To date, the number of Syrians returning to their countries has reached 554 thousand 609. Tel Abyad, which was cleared of terrorist organizations with the Peace Spring Operation, is one of the safest regions with the efforts. Together with this, the normalization of life in the district and the activity in social life can be observed. The number of people returning to the district, where life has been normalized for about 4 years, has exceeded 30 thousand, according to the information received from the local authorities. It is seen that the bazaar order and businesses in the district center of Tel Abyad continue their activities in a routine flow. Grocery store in Tel Abyad for about 3 years Mustafa Habdi, who operates the company, said that the district where he is located is in a better condition than many other parts of Syria. Explaining that his country is going through difficult years, Habdi said, “Tel Abyad is safe, we do not have any problems or problems. Things are good here, everybody goes to work. Our bazaars are busy, the people are living normally, he has no complaints.” Mahmud Dehi from Tel Abyad said that he bakes and sells sweets every day at the counter he set up on the pavement in the district center. He said that change and transformation continue in his district, “Mobility is constantly increasing. Things are getting better. “We don’t have any security problems,” he said.

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