The number of people who died as a result of the sinking of the migrant boat off the Syrian coast rose to 71 – Last Minute World News

Lebanese Transport Minister Ali Hamiye gave information about the boat disaster that occurred off the Syrian city of Tartus yesterday, in a statement to AA correspondent.

Hamiye stated that as a result of the search and rescue efforts that have been going on since yesterday, the bodies of 71 people have been reached so far, and that 20 people have been rescued.

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He said 12 of those rescued were Syrian, 5 Lebanese and 3 Palestinian.

While Hamiye stated that the work continues to find the missing people, she did not give information about the number of missing people.

In the news in the Lebanese media, it was stated that yesterday, a migrant boat sank on its way from the city of Tripoli in the north of the country. It was stated that there were Syrians and Palestinians on the boat, as well as Lebanese.

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News sites close to the Assad regime also recorded that a boat carrying irregular burials from Lebanon to Europe had sunk near the Ervad Island, opposite the Tartus province in western Syria, and 34 people lost their lives in the incident.

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