The much awaited decision has been made! TFF rejects Galatasaray’s objection

The Turkish Football Federation Arbitration Board rejected Galatasaray’s objection to the commission established for the championships before 1959.

Released: 07.09.2023 – 20:12

Updated: 07.09.2023 – 20:12


Galatasaray Club’s objection to the pre-1959 championships research commission, which was established upon Fenerbahçe’s application, was rejected by the Arbitration Board.

The statement from TFF is as follows;

“The objection of Galatasaray A.Ş. to the decision of the TFF Board of Directors dated 14.07.2023 was examined. As a result of the negotiation made in the file, which was examined at the meeting of our Board on 31.08.2023, in the examination of the decision of the TFF Board of Directors in terms of unlawfulness, Fenerbahçe A. Ş., upon the application made to the TFF Board of Directors, it was unanimously decided to reject the appeal application as of this stage, as it was understood that the decision on the establishment of a research commission was not of a nature to conclude the merits of the work.

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