The mother of 3 children was shot in the middle of the street: she lost her 4-day life war – Last Minute Turkey News

The suspect, who was caught in the alley where he fled after the incident, was arrested in the courthouse where he was transferred after his procedures at the police station and sent to prison.

The woman, who was seriously injured, lost her 4-day struggle for life.


Allegedly, it was learned that DK bought furniture from a store, and E.Ö. came to DK’s house as a store clerk, installed the furniture he bought, and that’s why the two met. E.Ö., who learned during the conversation that DK’s son was looking for a job, called DK after a while and told his son that he had found a job abroad, he wanted some dollars for this, and DK did not trust E.Ö. reportedly not.

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The animosity started between the two, E.Ö. began to threaten DK and his children at various times after this incident, and DK’s E.Ö. It was learned that he had filed a complaint against her.

It was alleged that E.Ö. obsessively disturbed DK, threatened to be with him, opened various social media accounts on his behalf by using his photos without permission, talked to someone on these accounts and gave DK’s number to people he did not know.

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It was learned that the wife of DK, who is the mother of 3 children and has 2 grandchildren, passed away about 5 years ago.

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