The heart of the cinema will beat in Antalya

Organized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the 59th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival will meet with the audience between 1-8 October. The festival has a rich program full of highly anticipated films in the competition films, Another World and Special Screenings sections, which will be screened in Antalya for the first time in Turkey. Before the festival, we had the opportunity to talk with the director of the festival, Ahmet Boyacıoğlu, from afar, via Zoom.


I personally witnessed the interest of the people of Antalya in the festival during the pleasant meeting we held on September 27, when the tickets were put on sale physically (on September 24 in the digital environment). When we started talking with Boyacıoğlu, he turned his camera to the long ticket queue inside the AKM, and people even started to complain about the queue that lasted for meters. The reason for this interest is very clear, because ticket prices are discounted 3 TL, exactly 5 TL. You didn’t read it wrong, we didn’t forget to add zeros next to them. Boyacıoğlu made an accurate comment and said, “The only thing in the country that has not increased in price for 4 years is our ticket prices.”

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The effect of the epidemic was still felt at the festival last year. In fact, that famous cortege could not be held for the second time, and due to the increase in the number of cases towards the festival, the films were taken to the open air, thus the festival was somewhat restricted. Boyacıoğlu also says that the cortege held on the first day of the festival is back this year.

On the other hand, the Eastern Garage Cultural Center hall with a capacity of 640 people in the city center and an open-air cinema under the Stars (inside Karaalioğlu Park, Old Atatürk Stadium) have also been added to the festival venues. Apart from these, screenings will meet with the audience at AKM Aspendos and Perge halls and at the open-air cinema under the Stars 2 (Behind the AKM Doğan Hızlan Library).

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One of the most remarkable innovations of the festival this year is the Feature Screenplay Competition. Asked about this innovation, Ahmet Boyacıoğlu said, “Recently, our cinema consists of very small and personal stories. However, when you look at the films that have passed into the history of cinema, most of them are literary adaptations. A competition that has never been held in Turkey. It attracted attention, 77 applications were received. Two of them were selected, they will have prizes of 80 and 40 thousand TL,” he said. The winners of the awards will be announced at the opening ceremony. Boyacıoğlu stated that the 2.5-hour duration of the closing award ceremony created problems for TV broadcasts and they tried to reduce the ceremony to 70 minutes.


We also listened to the festival recommendations from Boyacıoğlu. Boyacıoğlu said that “Lawrence of Arabia” was one of the shows that he attached great importance to. Stating that the film is 60 years old and has been restored, Boyacıoğlu said, “The original is 195 minutes, this is a 226-minute version. It was shown in Ankara and Istanbul festivals only in 1990. Our people could not access this film, it was censored. However, I think it is a movie that everyone should watch. An important historical document. “Lawrence is already a pro-Nazi who is the subject of controversy even in England,” he said. When asked “why it is shown now”, he replied “with irony”: “We want to contribute to the Turkish-Arab friendship (!).” The film is about British spy TE Lawrence, who organized Arab tribes against the Turkish army during the First World War.

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