The first images leaked from Elon Musk’s highly anticipated Cybertruck vehicle: Social media was divided into two

The first images of Tesla’s long-awaited electric truck Cybertruck have leaked to the internet. The photos published inside the vehicle, which is expected to be sold for 40 thousand dollars (approximately 800 thousand liras), divided Tesla fans into two.

Images showing the interior design of Elon Musk’s highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck created controversy on the internet. It is stated that the images leaked at Musk’s shareholders meeting last week. In the images leaked to the Internet, the interior design of Cybertruck seems to be quite plain. A social media user commented that Cybertruck looks like a “low-budget sci-fi piece”, with some commenting that the dark gray design is quite ugly. In addition to the negative comments, there were also those who liked Cybertruck’s design and gave positive comments. He said that the design looks “simple and clean” and they like the overall look. Images shared on a cybertruck enthusiast forum have not yet been confirmed. The images show a giant interior screen and futuristic-looking seat controls. The interior design of Cybertruck, which is expected to be sold for $ 900 (approximately 800 thousand lira), has never been officially shown before.

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