The event that made you say give up in Eminönü: They stole the bagels of the bronze statue!

Bronze bagels of the simit maker statue in Eminönü Yeni Mosque Square, built by Fatih Municipality, were stolen. It was learned that there is no clear information about when the bagels found on the tray of the simit maker statue, one of the symbols of Eminönü, were stolen. Citizens who came to Eminönü to visit also reacted to the theft of bronze bagels.

“If he had come, I would have given him bagel money”

Ertuğrul Baltacı, who came to Eminönü with his family to visit Eminönü, said, “By God, what can I say? It’s the bullshit of our nation. I don’t know if the simit here is stolen, too. I can’t say anything. Shame, will the simit over there be stolen? I would give him money for the simit. It’s not nice for them to steal it.” “What a beautiful thing our municipality has done here, it is not a good thing to be stolen. I strongly condemn this,” he said.

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Gülşah Deveci, who said she came to Turkey on vacation, said, “It is something that should not happen. I came here to take a vacation from abroad. It is very wrong to be stolen. It is also something with a high moral value. Therefore, such a thing should not have been done.” A citizen who expressed his sadness that the simit statues were stolen, said, “We are very sorry, it was a nice sympathy for this country. Pictures were often taken. We did not understand what they wanted to do. They took them away. I feel sad every time I pass by here.” used his statements. A work has been started to find the stolen bronze pretzels.

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