The dream of a new life is unfinished!

The unfinished dreams that emerged after the accident in which 4 people from the same family lost their lives in the Buldan district of Denizli broke the hearts of those who heard it. Hasan Çetinkaya from Kahramanmaraş, who works as a medical secretary at Marmaris State Hospital, and his wife Ümmü Çetinkaya (31) who works as a contracted medical secretary at the same hospital, were appointed to Alaşehir State Hospital in Manisa. Ümmü Çetinkaya, who moved her home from Muğla to Alaşehir at the weekend, did her last shift on Monday and dismissed her from Marmaris State Hospital. Hasan Çetinkaya, who dreamed of the days when he would be appointed to his wife after working in Muğla for a while, set off from Marmaris in his car with license plate 46 P 7457 to leave his wife and two daughters to their new home in Alaşehir.

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They couldn’t reach their new home

When the car carrying the Çetinkaya family of 4 people crossed the Buldan district of Denizli for 6-7 kilometers and came to the south ramp, it collided with the 32 DG 237 plate truck under the administration of Mehmet B. The truck, which crossed the opposite lane and turned the car that it dragged for meters into scrap, overturned into the forest area. Citizens who saw the accident rushed to the aid of the family stuck in the vehicle. Father Hasan, mother Ümmü and 3-year-old İdil Çetinkaya were rescued from the accident in which they died at the scene with injuries, and 6-year-old sister Ece İkra Çetinkaya, who was brought to Buldan State Hospital by the citizens, could not be saved despite all the interventions. The driver, Mehmet B., who was stuck in the side-lying truck, was rescued as a result of the intense efforts of the firefighters and was sent to the hospital by ambulance.

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The bitter news from the Çetinkaya family of 4, who lost their lives in the accident, set fire to Marmaris State Hospital and their father’s hearth, where they worked for a long time. While the couple’s colleagues were experiencing great sadness, it was learned that they would be sent off together in Alaşehir on their last journey of the family.

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