The death toll in the flood disaster in Italy rises to 15

According to the news of the Italian ANSA agency, the lifeless body of a missing person was found in Lugo, one of the places most affected by the floods in the region last week. It has been reported that the body of the 68-year-old man, who has been missing since 17 May, was found by the Italian Gendarmerie teams. Accordingly, the number of people who lost their lives in the disaster rose to 15.

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In the meantime, it was stated that the Ravenna Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office also launched an investigation into the disaster.

On the other hand, with the warning of heavy rain in the region, “Red alertThe status continues.

In the cities and towns where the flood waters receded, the cleaning activities of the local people and the damage assessment studies continue.

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Due to the flood, the right-wing coalition government led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni decided to allocate more than 2 billion euros for the needs of the flooded region.

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