The crisis is growing in Galatasaray’s rival: He was excluded from the squad!

A new decision was made for Antony, whose name was involved in allegations of violence in Manchester United.

Manchester United, Galatasaray’s rival in Champions League Group A, announced that Antony, who allegedly used violence against his girlfriend, will not return to the team ‘until further notice’.

In the statement made by Manchester United, “As a club, we are aware of the allegations against Antony. Players not participating in the national matches are due to return on Monday, but it has been agreed that Antony will not return until further notice to address the allegations against him. As a club, we condemn the acts of violence and harassment involved in this situation.” “We recognize the importance of protecting everyone and acknowledge the impact of these allegations on survivors of abuse.” It was said.


Speaking on the subject, Antony said: “Despite these allegations against me, we agreed with Manchester United to take a break for a period of time. This was a mutual decision to avoid distracting my teammates. I would like to reiterate that I am not guilty. I will continue to work in conjunction with the police during this process.” he said.


It was alleged that Antony was violent towards his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin. It was claimed that Antony sent threatening messages to his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin and was found to have wounds on her head and hands.

The Brazilian Football Federation announced that it removed Antony, who was under police investigation for allegedly physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend, from the national team squad.

Galatasaray will play its first match against Manchester United in the Champions League on October 3.

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