The Civil Guard finds in Ibiza the largest cache of pink cocaine in Spain, “the drug of high society” | Spain

Ready to distribute in powder or single-dose tablets. This is how the agents of the Balearic Civil Guard found the 13.25 kilos of pink cocaine that a criminal organization hid in a house on the island of Ibiza. The operation, baptized as Vía Fora, has allowed the arrest of 12 people in Ibiza and two in Colombia for belonging to a criminal organization dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of this synthetic drug, made up of a mixture of psychotropics such as MDMA and LSD . It is a very scarce narcotic substance, which is manufactured to order at a price of around 100 euros per gram and is also popularly known as the drug of high society due to its high cost or as tucibí (phonetic transcription in English of the chemical formula 2CB) or tusi. The stash is the largest found in Spain at the moment of this synthetic drug.

The Vía Fora operation began on Tuesday with 12 house searches in various locations on the island that allowed the arrest of twelve people, investigated for alleged crimes against public health, illegal possession of weapons and belonging to a criminal organization. In coordination with the arrests on the island, members of the Colombian National Police arrested two members of the group who had traveled to the American country to negotiate the purchase of large quantities of cocaine. There are twelve detainees of British nationality who have lived on the island for years, a Colombian woman and an American woman.

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The chief colonel of the Balearic Civil Guard, Alejandro Hernández, explained that the disjointed group was dedicated, not only to the manufacture and distribution of this drug, but also practiced the so-called “overturns”, robberies of other organizations dedicated to the drug sale. In fact, in the house searches, the agents seized three short firearms and a submachine gun with a silencer, all of illicit origin and which confirm, according to Hernández, the “extremely violent” nature of this group. The drug was introduced into the island from Colombia and the United Kingdom through vehicles or trucks with double bottoms that arrived through the port of Ibiza.

Also ketamine and ‘normal’ cocaine

In addition to the 13.25 kilos of pink cocaine, the Civil Guard has also seized 16.4 kilos of cocaine, 5.6 kilos of ketamine and 87,000 individual doses of various substances, with a market value of more than two million euros, according to the calculations of the armed institute. They have also seized 439,000 euros in cash, 30,000 pounds sterling, 12,000 dollars, as well as ten medium and high-end vehicles and several luxury watches, along with a large number of mobile phones and computer systems.

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Sign upSuitcase full of money found in one of the records.

The chief colonel explained that the researchers believe that these types of organizations have taken advantage of the two years of the pandemic to settle “in a discreet manner” on the islands and have seen the opportunity in a summer like this, with international tourism records, to put “all its machinery running”.

The operation has been deployed by the Group of Teams against Organized Crime of the UCO in collaboration with Europol, the British National Crime Agency and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Interpol of the Colombian National Police. In addition, due to the extreme danger of some of the members of the dismantled organization, they had the support of the Special Intervention Unit and the Rapid Action Group of the Balearic Civil Guard.

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