The battery of the electric bike in the apartment exploded

Smoke rose from an electric bicycle in front of an apartment in the Roehampton district of London, the capital of England. The owner, who smelled it, turned to the bike. Meanwhile, the electric bike exploded like a bomb. The floor was covered in smoke while the bike engulfed in flames. The flames were extinguished by the fire brigade, who came to the apartment a short time later. While no one was injured in the incident, which was reflected on the security camera every second, it was turned away from the brink of disaster.

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In the statement made by the London Fire Brigade, it was warned that such electric vehicles should be stored in safe places such as garages, be careful where used lithium batteries are purchased, and check whether electric vehicles comply with safety standards.

It was stated that 52 electric bicycle and 12 electric scooter fires broke out in London this year.

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