‘The authorities always play the three monkeys’

The images of an officer hitting a dog with a shovel at the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Stray Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center caused an uproar on social media.


Announcing that an investigation has been launched on the subject, Konya Metropolitan Municipality made the following statement from its official social media account:

“An investigation has been launched regarding the sad event allegedly experienced in our Animal Rehabilitation Center. Our institutional sensitivity is at the highest level in these matters. The issue will be evaluated in detail and legal action and criminal complaint will be made against those responsible.”

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While images of brutality remain on the agenda; The famous artist Tarkan also shared a post about what happened.

Famous artist Tarkan, who reacted to the animal slaughter from his personal social media account, “I couldn’t watch these horrible images because of my sadness. What kind of murder is this, and those who witnessed this murder are unscrupulous, they won’t stop and prevent it. I’m ashamed of my humanity again” said.

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Tarkan continued his words as follows:

“The account must be taken for this, the punishment should be given to these murderers who torture animals. Although we always say this, but those so-called officials always play the 3 monkeys. Let them know that they are as criminals as these murderers because they remain indifferent.”

These criminals who torture animals should be held accountable for this.
Although we always say this, but those so-called officials always play the 3 monkeys. They should know that they are as criminals as these criminals because they remain indifferent.#KonyadaMassacre

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— Tarkan (@tarkan) November 25, 2022

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