The 7th stage of the season in Formula 1 will be held in Monaco

In the stage, which will be held over 78 laps on the 3.3-kilometer track with the same name as Monaco, the qualifying laps will start at 17:00 tomorrow and the race will start on Sunday, May 28 at 16:00.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has 3 and Sergio Perez 2 times to the top of the podium so far. The 6th stage of the season, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, was canceled due to the flooding in Italy.

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The top 5 places of the drivers and teams classification are as follows:

– Pilots

1. Max Verstappen (Netherlands): 119 points

2. Sergio Perez (Mexico): 105

3. Fernando Alonso (Spain): 75

4. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain): 56

5. Carlos Sainz (Spain): 44

– Teams

1. Red Bull: 224

2. Aston Martin: 102

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3. Mercedes: 96

4. Ferrari: 78

5. McLaren: 14

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