TFF presidential candidates become clear

Before the election of the Turkish Football Federation to be held on June 22-23, the lobby was active for the presidency.

The current president who announced that he would be a candidate Mehmet BuyukeksiHe talks to the 2nd and 3rd league clubs and asks for support. However, most of the Super League clubs have not yet supported Büyükekşi due to referee errors this season.

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Deputy Chairman of the TFF Murat Aksu’It was also reported that the candidate was also testing the pulse for candidacy and had some negotiations, but did not make a clear decision. Beşiktaş President is the most powerful name in the backstage, whose name is mentioned for the presidency. Ahmet Nur Cebi… It has been learned that some football stakeholders made an offer to Cebi to run for the TFF Presidency.

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Before “He does not intend to be the President of the TFFIt was noted that Cebi has not yet given a clear answer to these demands. Former Trabzonspor President Ahmet Agaoglu‘s name is also spoken for TFF

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