Teenager who collided with a police car in Paris died: 2 policemen in custody

A youth with a scooter died in the hospital he was taken to after colliding with a police car in the Elancourt district of Paris, the capital of France. Two police officers were detained after the incident that took place yesterday evening. In the statement made by the Prosecutor’s Office, it was stated that an investigation was launched against the youth for not complying with the police warning, and for the policemen to kill by negligence.

In the police statement, it was stated that the young man who did not obey the “stop” warning was followed by the police for a while, and then collided with another police vehicle at an intersection.

Reinforced police teams were deployed to Elancourt in case the public organized a demonstration in response to the incident. In a statement, government spokesman Olivier Veran called for restraint from the public, stating that ongoing investigations will reveal the causes of the accident.

In the city of Nanterre, France, in June, there were violent protests after 17-year-old African-born Nael M., who did not comply with the “stop” passion, was shot dead by the traffic police.

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