China launched the remote sensing-enabled “Yaogan-40” satellite – Last Minute Technology News

The launch was the 487th mission performed with Long March rockets. It was stated that the satellite with remote sensing feature will be used for electromagnetic environmental detection and related technical tests. “Yaogan” means “remote sensing” in Chinese. Some Western sources claim that the Yaogan-class satellites are for military intelligence purposes and are controlled by … Read more

Be careful about cleaning your mobile phone!

Mobile phones are among the most frequently used electronic devices by almost everyone. Devices that make life practical with their different features actually carry some risks for human health. Especially mobile phones that are not cleaned for a long time can cause many illnesses, from skin diseases to respiratory diseases. Here are the details…

Are the assignments done with ChatGPT understandable? – Last Minute Technology News

OpenAI, the developer of the artificial intelligence assistant ChatGPT, stated that texts prepared with the help of artificial intelligence tools cannot be detected by artificial intelligence detectors. The artificial intelligence craze that started with ChatGPT in the world is used in many areas of life, from school to work. Many students were wondering whether assignments … Read more

Tourist flight into space

British businessman Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic company carried out its third touristic space journey. The ticket price for the touristic space flight, which is held once a month, is 12 million liras.

China’s iPhone ban decision may also hit supplier Chinese companies – Last Minute Technology News

The US Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper claimed that employees in government-affiliated institutions and organizations in China were instructed not to use Apple’s iPhone model smartphones and models of other foreign brands for work and not to bring them to the workplace. The news included the claim that Beijing has restricted the use of iPhones … Read more

X (Twitter) updated its policies to block artificial intelligence – Last Minute Technology News

X, formerly Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, has updated its terms of service to ban scraping and crawling, presumably to thwart artificial intelligence models training on its data. The new terms ban any scraping or scanning without “prior written consent”, effective September 29. Crawling or scraping of the Services in any way, for any purpose, … Read more