Taylor Swift’s Matches Lyrics, Chords & Meaning

Taylor Swift’s Matches became quite popular soon after its release. Read full lyrics below.

  • I shined your shoes
  • I poured the wine
  • I gave you all of my time


  • I patched your dents
  • Smiled at your friends
  • Which apparently is a crime

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  • I gave you space
  • You took my place
  • And gave it to her


  • But life’s too long
  • To waste it all loving a liar
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  • And when love hands me matches now
  • I’m gonna burn it down


  • I keyed her car
  • Got my guitar
  • And wrote this damn song


  • Look what you’ve found
  • She’s been around
  • I hear the lines long


  • And don’t you tell me
  • To be nice
  • I’m not a nice girl


  • She died from complications
  • Of the things you told her
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  • So when love hands me matches now
  • I’m gonna burn it down


  • Ain’t it funny
  • You said honey
  • You meant sitting duck
  • Well I say, cheater, liar, truck on fire, loser, leaver, deceiver
  • Just a few I’ve thought of


  • And when love hands me matches now
  • ‘Gonna burn it down
  • I’m gonna burn it down
  • Oh yeah
  • Gonna burn it, burn it, burn it down
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  • Matches, now

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