Tanker accident in Arnavutköy: Disaster was avoided cheaply

The tanker, which was traveling in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, went off the road and onto the pavement as a result of its driver losing control of the steering wheel. In the accident, the tanker’s cup broke away and overturned. The driver escaped the accident uninjured. The fact that there was no one on the sidewalk at the time of the accident helped avoid a possible disaster cheaply.

The accident occurred in the morning on Arnavutköy Eski Edirne Asfaltı Street. Allegedly, the driver of the tanker truck, which was traveling in traffic, lost control of the steering wheel. The tanker driver, who maneuvered to avoid hitting another tanker traveling in traffic, was thrown off the road and hit the pavement first. Then, the tanker’s cup, which went onto the pavement, broke away from its place and fell over due to the impact. Citizens around rushed to help the driver. The moment when the driver, who survived the accident without any injuries, was taken out of the vehicle was recorded with a mobile phone camera. After the accident, while there was traffic congestion in the direction of Arnavutköy Hadımköy, the tanker’s overturned cup was removed with the help of a crane.

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