Suspicious death of Nurse Saliha Tuncel: Hospital manager arrested – Last Minute Türkiye News

Saliha Tuncel (25), a nurse at a private hospital in a residence on Atatürk Boulevard in Ereğli Kapı Mahallesi, at 01:00 on Wednesday, 24 May, is in the same hospital on the 7th floor of the building where her girlfriend, pediatrician Halil İbrahim A. (43) lives. fell from the apartment to the balcony on the 3rd floor. Realizing the situation, the people in the building informed the police and medical teams.

Tuncel, who was taken to the hospital by the ambulance, could not be saved despite all the efforts of the doctors. Nurse Saliha Tuncel was buried in her hometown of Niğde.

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The hospital director Ç.Ö., who was referred to the courthouse regarding the incident, was arrested by the on-duty peace judge. The doctor who was released after his statement at the police station, H.İ.A. and the director of the private hospital in the city, Ç.Ö. An arrest warrant was issued for him.

Doctor Halil İbrahim A. was released on condition of judicial control.

In the statement made by the Aksaray Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, “The investigation continues meticulously at this stage, based on the principles of confidentiality, legality of crimes and penalties, and legal evidence in reaching concrete evidence.” expression was used.

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Nurse Tuncel’s father, Salim Tuncel, claimed that his daughter was murdered and said, “My daughter’s case is femicide. Doctor İbrahim, whom they call his lover, murdered my daughter. I have 3 daughters. Saliha was my second daughter. She has been a nurse for 5-6 years. I did not see the event, we only act with expressions and sensations.” He said.

Salim Tuncel stated that his daughter is planning to come to Niğde to vote in the elections to be held on Sunday and said, “My daughter called me 2 days before the event and said, ‘Dad, I will come to the election on Sunday’. Does he say that he will come to the elections in a winter that will commit suicide?” he said.

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