Stefan Kuntz: I’m sure we will play a good game

A National Team will face Armenia in Eskişehir in the fifth week match of Group D of 2024 European Championship Qualification (EURO 2024).

A National Team’s coach, Stefan Kuntz, at the press conference held at Eskişehir New Stadium, stated that they wanted to make reinforcements because of the shortcomings and that their preference was the Under-21 National Team, “I don’t just think about the next match and the Japan game. At the same time, this kind of players will gradually be slowing down. I am also working on their adaptation to the A National Team.” said.

Kuntz stated that their communication with the Under-21 National Team is also good and stated that Kazımcan Karataş and Bertuğ Yıldırım are good examples of this.

Reminding that the national team won both matches in Eskişehir, the German coach used the following statements:

“You may have followed the matches while I was here in 95-96. Actually, it was a good match for us. We won that match, but it was a difficult match due to the pressure of the fans. Now there is a transition to new stadiums. The fact that it is not played in the old stadiums shows that this time is progressing and we are getting older. “It may be a different game. We have unexpected shortcomings in the left-back and forward. Arda is injured. Maybe there may be a different course of play from the game system we are used to. It is also very natural. I am sure we will play a good game, though.”

Evaluating tomorrow’s rivals Armenia, Kuntz said, “We see that Armenia and Turkey were on the winning side in the last match period. Because both teams got 6 points. We follow and analyze all the matches. We see that they have made good progress since their new coach Oleksandr Petrakov came. “Two players play in Germany. Most of their players have been given serious transfer opportunities. They are a respectable team, but we are focused on our own game.” he said.

Stefan Kuntz said the following on the comments that the national players made important transfers:

“The important thing for Merih and Cengiz is that he finds a chance to play in their new club in the first place. Arda has made a very incredible transfer. However, we cannot fully experience his influence. Because he needs to regain his health and adapt to his team. Orkun will definitely gain a lot from this transfer. Personally, it is very important. Çağlar talked to us very early about his transfer. Both club Atletico Madrid and his coach Simeone are a very different place and a very important transfer for him. The most important thing is that these players come out and play after making these transfers. As long as they play, it will be very beneficial for the national team. Galatasaray’s participation in the Champion League, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş’s participation in the groups will be a plus for the players, as it will increase our number of matches in Europe.”


“A Vargas truth has emerged in the Volleyball National Team. Do you think of a recruited player in the National Football Team?” On the question of the experienced coach, “Good football players already make the decisions for the national team as soon as possible. That’s why I’m still waiting for calls from Vargas about his brother.” said.

Kuntz, who gave information about his previous meeting with Altay Bayındır, who transferred to Manchester United, said, “In that meeting, we first talked about his last process in Fenerbahce. Because the arrows of criticism turned to him. Therefore, his transfer to a club like Manchester United is important for his development. It is important. There will be an African Cup period ahead of us. The goalkeeper who is playing there at the moment will not be able to play 4-5 matches. In the same period, if Altay shows the club’s performance, he will get the opportunity to play. Thus, different things can develop in that position.” he said.

Stefan Kuntz, when asked about the players he will give a chance in defense tomorrow, said, “Merih’s offensive play may be important for tomorrow’s match. Because these are the matches where the defenders should be active. We watched the matches of Çağlar as well. He played very good matches in the preparation period. He played very flawlessly defensively. “There have been games. This is an important issue as Simeone already puts a lot of weight on the defensive. A new player getting compliments from his coach so quickly shows how important he is.” used his statements.

KEREM AKTÜRKOĞLU: “Hopefully, we will be the party that smiles in tomorrow’s match”

National football player Kerem Aktürkoğlu stated that their first match in the group was difficult, but they knew how to win.

Explaining that Armenia is a team that performed well and played well in the group, contrary to expectations, Kerem said, “I scored in the first match, but the important thing is that we were happy together after the goal and we won. It was important to win the tough matches. We want to win together with our fans with good football tomorrow. ” said.

Answering the question whether he sees tomorrow’s match as a final, Kerem said, “We deserve to leave the group in terms of generation, desire and quality. We are a team made up of very good and quality people. We would love to go to the European Championship. Armenia’s fixture is difficult, but no match is won without being played. We are aware of how difficult this match can be. We have the quality to win such matches. I hope we will be the smiling side in the match tomorrow.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that the player pool of the national team is large, beautiful and of high quality, Kerem Aktürkoğlu noted that there are shortcomings, but this can be overcome with support.

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