Statement of ‘vice president’ from Destici: If an offer comes, we will consider it

Mustafa Destici, Chairman of the Great Unity Party (BBP), made statements about the agenda from the Anatolian Conversations Meeting, which has become traditional by the Anatolian Publishers Association. Destici, who was named as ‘vice president’, noted that they did not talk to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on this issue before or after the election.

Stating that forming the cabinet and forming the government is at the discretion of the President, Destici said, “If such an offer comes, we will consider it in our party committees. We do politics to serve our state and country. Of course, we do not avoid service when we get the opportunity to serve. But as I said, we have not had a conversation about it. ‘ he said.

Destici gave the following answer to the question of whether he “wish” not to enter the election from the joint list:

“We did not get the result we expected. We have doubled the votes we received in the last election we entered with our own name and emblem, proportionally, compared to 2015. We received more than double the number of votes. But this fell short of our expectations. This is not a success. We have a minimum percentage of votes.” We expected to receive more than 3 votes, we hoped to be represented by a certain number of deputies. It was so on the field, but this was not reflected in the ballot box. We have no regrets. We only wish that 4 parties had come together and were together, we would have been over 360 more comfortably today, we have seen that. It was not a decision we could make alone, we also respect the decisions of other parties.”

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