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Minister Akar went to Tomarza district after Baki Ersoy, who was elected as Kayseri deputy from the MHP, and Bünyan.

Akar, who was welcomed with sacrifices at the entrance of the district and the intense interest of the people, met with the citizens in the People’s Garden.

Noting that an important election will be held on Sunday, Akar stated that, unlike other elections, it will be a mentality election, not a party election.

Stating that there is a local and national stance on one side and the opposite of this on the other, Akar said, “Politicians affiliated with terrorists are talking day and night, what they are saying needs to be understood well. Our candidate said ‘so-and-so’ and they said they would get the terrorists out of prisons. But when they got their answer on 14 May. They are trying to cover up, cover up and hide what they are saying. They have started playing nationalism and fighting terrorism. This needs to be seen.” used his statements.

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Sharing his belief that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will win the election by a large margin, Akar asked the citizens not to become complacent and to go to the polls.

Akar also touched upon the issue of the return of Syrian refugees to their lands and said that as the conditions in the region normalize, the Syrians return to their homes. Noting that some are trying to exploit this issue, Akar said, “This is a matter of process. The Syrians will return to their homes and lands in accordance with the humane values.” said.

Stating that terrorists in the north of Iraq were dealt a great blow with the Claw series of operations, Akar said, “Especially Claw Lock and Mehmetçik entered places called ‘inaccessible’ in the Zap region, where terrorists trust a lot, and went out to places called ‘inaccessible’. They buried terrorists in the pits there.” he said.

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Noting that the entire nation will experience the Turkish Century together, Akar said:

“What is needed for a great and strong Turkey; Stability is needed. For this, you need to do the same as you did on May 14 in the elections. If this happens, we will build the road to a great and powerful Turkey together. Our survival on the one hand, our security on the other, our welfare on the other. We will be much more prosperous. Just as we have solved the problems 20 years ago, I hope we will solve the current problems shoulder to shoulder.”

Stating that Turkey, under President Erdogan’s leadership, has become a country that is listened to, not obeyed, with its policies with personality and identity, Akar said, “What do they want, what do they want, ‘a Turkey that obeys’? What did the opposition say? We will listen, we will do whatever you say.’ That’s why they love them. That’s why newspapers and televisions in the West are reporting against Turkey and our President.” he said.

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At the end of his words, he asked those in the field, “Are we going to the polls on May 28 and electing our President with the highest votes?” Asking Akar, the citizens answered “Yes”.

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