Statement from CHP on Akşener’s “non-alliance election” decision – Last Minute Türkiye News

Republican People’s Party (CHP) Spokesperson and Tekirdağ Deputy Faik Öztrak made evaluations on the agenda on Fox TV.

Öztrak was also asked about the “local election” statements of IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener.

CHP Spokesperson, “Will there be an alliance in local elections again?” He answered the question, “We made all kinds of sacrifices, we swallowed the criticisms. We vomited blood and drank cranberry sherbet. But we can’t wait for those who want to go, let the roads be open, they know it.”


CHP Bursa Deputy Orhan Sarıbal also said in the broadcast he participated in, that while it could be won with CHP candidates in 2019, Balıkesir and Denizli metropolitan municipalities were left to the IYI Party and therefore lost.

Saribal said:

“In 2019, we gave Balıkesir to the IYI Party. We gave Denizli, which we would have won if we had a mayor from the Republican People’s Party, to the IYI Party. I am speaking by including the two concrete provinces that we would have won if we had a mayor of the Republican People’s Party. When we evaluate the Republican People’s Party base as some of the members of the Motherland, True Path Party, the will of the Chairman of the IYI Party will of course be, but his objection to cooperation at the local grassroots is both about himself, his political future and the institutionalism of the party. I know from here that it will be negative in terms of reactive attitudes in the society. I think Meral Akşener knows this as well.”


CHP Deputy Chairman Bülent Kuşoğlu also commented on Akşener’s “non-alliance election” statements: “The most natural right of every party is to enter the elections separately. CHP is working to increase the number of 11 metropolitan municipalities in this election. We do not have an alliance meeting at the moment, but if anyone knocks on our door, our door is open. “We respect the decision to enter separately,” he said.

Akşener, in a program he attended, announced that they would nominate separate candidates in 81 provinces and that they would enter the elections with their own candidates in metropolitan cities.

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