Statement by Israel on Syria operations

While Israel claims that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb, it also states that it carries weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon via Syria.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that they have increased their operations against Iran in Syria recently and said, “Since I took office, the number of Israeli attacks against Iranians in Syria has doubled. As part of this campaign, we are working methodically to strike Iranian intelligence forces in Syria. These attacks do great damage to the Revolutionary Guard’s attempts to take up positions a few kilometers from the Israeli border.” used his statements.

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Gallant also accused Iran of transforming civilian ships into military ships armed with weapons such as drones, missiles and intelligence-gathering capabilities. This is a direct continuation of the naval terrorism that Iran controls in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, and is trying to spread to the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and even the Mediterranean.” used his words.

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Israeli Defense Minister Gallant also accused Iran of threatening trade and flight routes, saying, “This is a plan designed to threaten trade and flight routes, both military and civilian, and pose a lasting threat to the maritime domain. This is an alarming policy of piracy, Iran running itself not as a modern state but as a collection of criminal organizations.” used his statements.

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