Starlink detail in Russia-Ukraine war: Musk’s order stopped the attack!

According to the news in CNN international, in the first months of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, which has been going on for 19 months, the owner of X, billionaire Elon Musk, sent Starlink satellites to the skies of Kiev. These satellites, used by Ukrainian government officials, caused uninterrupted communication at the front.


So why did Starlink satellites become the agenda again? In fact, this is due to Musk’s biography, which will be published in the coming days. In the news made by CNN, it was written that Elon Musk was behind the scenes of the Ukrainian army’s attacks on the Russian army with unmanned sea vehicles.

It was stated that a similar attack by the Ukrainians, who changed their tactics and hit the Russians with sabotage for a while, against Crimea was prevented by Starlink satellites. Stating that the Ukrainian authorities begged him to reopen the connection, Musk claimed that he prevented the ‘Mini Pearl Harbor’ raid.


In October 2022, it was revealed that unmanned sea vehicles were detected in the vicinity of Crimea in the developments reflected in the social media and international press. At that time, many claims were made about the vehicles that crashed, but it was not determined why they broke down.

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