Special watermelon produced again after 20 years

Produced in Denizli’s Beyağaç district for many years, thin, long, white outside, red inside, delicious, watermelons named after the district have started to be produced again after 20 years.

Farmer Mehmet Özdemir, who collected the seeds of the exported watermelons from the people of the district, for which festivals were held, planted ‘Beyağaç Watermelon’ in his field after 20 years. The seeds will be taken after the planted watermelons mature. With the seeds taken, the famous ‘Beağaç Berries’ will be planted in larger areas next year.


Stating that the thin, long, white outside, red inside and delicious watermelon is a product unique to Beyağaç, this type of watermelon loves the air and water of the region, and got its name from the district, Mehmet Özdemir said, I started growing it in this field to bring it to life. And I got the seeds from my people here. I believe I will grow better in the future. If we get good results from here, we already do. A unique watermelon here. We will produce the seed and plant 30 acres and 50 acres a year. I want to grow the watermelon unique to Beyağaç here and plant the Beyağaç watermelon here and make it known more with the name Beyağaç.”

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Explaining that only goat manure is used in the production of the famous Beyağaç Watermelon, and watermelons are produced with drip irrigation, Özdemir said, “The watermelon mood about Beyağaç was captured. It grows between the smallest 10 kilograms and 30 kilograms, and is cut round. The taste is very good and the taste is different. We use goat manure when breeding. There is no medicine. It is red inside. Watermelon features thin long peel, not thick. Its delicious inside is red, our people love it, I produce it with drip irrigation, the yield is high. If it is planted in May, we can present it to our people in July.”

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