Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Kurtulmuş received Algerian Foreign Minister Attaf

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Kurtulmuş received the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria Ahmed Attaf and his accompanying delegation at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Stating that he is pleased to host Attaf and his delegation at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Kurtulmuş underlined that the vision put forward by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President of Algeria Abdulmecid Tebbun in order to move the relations between the two countries to a much further point is of historical importance.


Stating that the establishment of this general framework between the two countries caused the governments to work much stronger and the state institutions to move in this direction, Kurtulmuş said:

“Cooperations in the economy, trade and culture are important and great progress has been made. But these are not enough. Moving the point between us to a much higher level should be accepted as a common goal. Of course, we have great partnerships from history, we have a common feeling, a common culture. “We have common beliefs and understandings. The Algerian people and the Turkish people are two very close friends and brothers. Also, Algeria’s liberation struggle against the imperialists has an unforgettable place in the eyes and hearts of the Turkish people, and this struggle is a resistance and a struggle that we attach great importance to. When we look at the past, the brave resistance of the Algerian people and their struggle against imperialism actually sets an example for the African peoples even today.


Stating that calculations were made for the destabilization of Africa, for making it the subject of proxy wars through some terrorist organizations, and for the exploitation of the wealth of the African people on this occasion, Kurtulmuş said, “For example, the support given to an organization called Boko Haram. Who created this organization, who supported it, who supported it. What is the result of this organization for Africa? These are very clear. It is obvious how many countries have been destabilized just by the existence of this organization. As Turkey, we currently have an embassy in almost every country in the African continent. A new initiative has been taken in recent years within the framework of an African policy. “Our basic approach to the African continent is this. Let’s all hold hands, arm in arm and work together for African peoples to become richer, prosperous, and more peaceful,” he said.

Stating that some western countries went to the African continent with construction equipment or to exploit the people and mines of the region, Kurtulmuş continued his speech:

“We see that Algeria and Turkey act in a common perspective in order for the African continent to wake up again, realize its own strength and ensure its prosperity and peace. We are pleased with this. As two important countries of the Mediterranean and the Islamic world, Algeria and Turkey continue to act together. And as we increase it, it will make the future of both the two countries and Africa much stronger. We know that just as the relations between governments and state institutions are important in relations between countries, the relation between parliaments is also very important. I would like to express that we are ready to make efforts to take the relations much further. On this occasion, I would like to express my greetings and love to the President of the Algerian National Assembly.”


Algerian Foreign Minister Attaf expressed his pleasure to meet with Kurtulmuş. Attaf conveyed his congratulations to Kurtulmuş, who was elected as the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and said that he was happy to be at the home of the Turkish people. Stating that the peoples of Turkey and Algeria are brothers and that they have historical and deep-rooted relations, Attaf stated that Turkey-Algeria relations are in the hands of President Erdogan and Algerian President Tebbun, in a safe place. Stating that these relations are going in a good direction as a result of the broad visions of Erdogan and Tebbun, Attaf said, “One of these developments is in the field of parliament. Even if the relations between governments are always very good, they are always incomplete. Because it is the parliaments that will complete this. As you know, a diplomatic, official “There are relations, governments carry out this, and there is what we call parliamentary diplomacy, which is something that comes from the people. The most important goal for us is here. Our duty is to present the best duty to our peoples,” he said.

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