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The 12 Spanish travelers in Mongolia.

The Spanish travelers injured on August 17 in Mongolia arrive in Barcelona today by plane after 12 days of uncertainty and anguish. The group, which was on an itinerary through the Asian country with the Ámbar ecological and adventure tourism agency, was made up of 12 people who were traveling in two Russian-made vans with local drivers. While trying to avoid a sheep while driving on a road 20 kilometers from the town of Tariat, in the province of Arkhangay, the second truck suffered a violent head-on collision with a car traveling in the opposite direction. As a result of the accident, a Mongolian woman in the car died and the driver of the car and the truck and the six Spanish occupants, Jaime Ruiz Señas, Adela Bonmatí, Montse Gomà, Silvia Martín, and Miquel and Àlex Jurado, suffered various injuries. .

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The most seriously injured was Miquel Jurado, music critic for the newspaper EL PAÍS, who was traveling with his wife Teresa Goñi and their two children, one of them, Álex, in the same van as his father and also injured. Miquel Jurado, with head trauma, a multiple fracture of the jaw, several broken ribs and a humerus, among other injuries, was urgently transferred in a military helicopter to Ulan Bator and was admitted to the ICU of the public hospital in the Mongolian capital, where he was He diagnosed a brain hemorrhage. The very serious condition of Miquel Jurado and the complications derived from an accident in a country like Mongolia have caused days of anguish and uncertainty for travellers, which have finally been resolved with the decision to repatriate the injured, for which it has been necessary a medicalized plane.

The six injured Spaniards travel on the plane, while other uninjured travelers from the first van have returned earlier. The state of Miquel Jurado, who had regained consciousness in recent days, has improved in gravity.

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