Soner Rençber, one of the directors of the Sarallar crime organization, was caught

Istanbul Organized Crime Branch Directorate teams continued their efforts to apprehend the members of the organization within the scope of the investigation launched against the criminal organization known as ‘Sarallar’ in the public. Organized teams determined that Soner Rençber, a fugitive from the organization’s managers, was in Büyükçekmece.

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After nearly 3 months of physical and technical follow-up, it was determined that Rençber was staying in a cell-type and secure house rented on behalf of someone else. An operation was carried out on Rençber, who lives in this house with almost no contact with the outside. Soner Rençber was caught and detained in the operation.

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Unlicensed pistol, 4 magazines and 73 cartridges were seized during the searches conducted in the house where the suspect was staying. It was learned that Rençber was in a managerial position within the organization and was the person who ordered many armed actions. The suspect was referred to the courthouse after his procedures at the police station. The suspect was arrested and sent to prison.

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