Son saves woman who had seizure in pool in USA

Lori Keeney, who entered the pool to cool off in the incident that took place on August 5 in the US state of Oklahoma, began to have seizures. Meanwhile, 10-year-old Gavin Keeney, who saw his mother struggling in the pool, jumped into the pool without thinking and swam next to his mother. By pulling the woman who had a seizure to the edge of the pool, Gavin saved his mother’s life. Lori, who shared the security camera footage on her social media account after the incident, said, “Gavin was standing outside the pool on the patio and heard my voice. He came and jumped into the pool, even our dog tried to save me. He took me to the stairs of the pool and then my father came. I was fine, I just swallowed some water.” used.


Lori said that her son saved his life by performing the Heimlich maneuver about a year and a half ago. The Kingston Police Department in Oklahoma also rewarded 10-year-old Gavin, who saved his mother’s life, for his courageous act.

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