Son died of malnutrition: Vegan mother sentenced to life

38-year-old vegan mother Sheila O’Leary was on trial for causing the death of her son Ezra O’Leary by feeding her only fruit, vegetables and breast milk.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment after the court found Sheila guilty of first-degree murder.

O’Leary was charged with first-degree murder, as well as gross child abuse and willful manslaughter.

According to the information in TRT Haber, the woman’s husband, Ryan Patrick O’Leary, who was held in pre-trial detention and is currently in prison, is expected to be convicted on the same charges.

Prosecutors said the couple told the toddler to feed them breast milk, raw fruits and vegetables.

According to police units, the 18-month-old boy weighed 8 kilograms and was the same weight as a 7-month-old baby at the time of his death in September 2019.

O’Leary has two other malnourished children, ages 3 and 5, according to US jurisdiction.

In a previous malnutrition case in Virginia, a child was reinstated to his biological father, according to court records.

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