Social media call from Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek to the fans!

Galatasaray Club signed a sponsorship contract with GKN Cargo.

GKN Kargo, which has signed an agreement that includes the logo right on the left arm of the jersey in Galatasaray’s domestic matches, once again sponsored the yellow-red team.

President of Galatasaray at the signing ceremony held at RAMS Park Dursun UzbekVice President Erden Timur and GKN Cargo Chairman of the Board Gokhan Akyurek took place.

Making a statement at the ceremony, Dursun Özbek stated that GKN Cargo is a very valuable brand for them and said, “The logo of this brand that we carry on our arm will now be on the back of our training jersey. I wish this agreement with them to be long-lasting. For this agreement, I thank Gökhan Akyürek and his family. thank you,” he said.

Dursun Uzbek


Emphasizing that they are working non-stop for the club, Özbek said, “The essence of Galatasaray is not to find excuses and to work to achieve success. We established the team with the highest market value in the history of Turkish football. This staff will not only be limited to its value on paper, it will carry us to success in Europe. On the way to this success, I find the support of brands that have the same dreams as us valuable. In order to increase our revenues, we need to increase such sponsorships. I also call out to our fans whose hearts beat for Galatasaray. Our goals are bigger this year. Just like last year, their support this year is important. Do not confuse our fans with what is written on social media. Let them keep believing in us. Whatever obstacles come our way, we will succeed. Together we will succeed again‘ he said.


Erden Timur started his speech by thanking Dursun Özbek, “Our president has made a very important contribution to Galatasaray’s arrival to such a valuable point. We want to achieve success in branches other than football. Therefore, the financial aspect of the business is very important. We need to increase our sponsorships to compete with Europe‘ he evaluated.

Speaking about the basketball team, Timur said, “New sponsorships will come for our basketball team. The process is currently ongoing. We are also negotiating for other sponsorships in football. The deals are finalized by the end of this month.” said.


Stating that they decided to expand their previous sponsorship agreement, GKN Cargo Chairman of the Board Gökhan Akyürek said, “We are proud to sponsor Galatasaray, the club of the first and greatest. It is very important for us to stand by a club that aims for the European championship. Athletes, brands like us on the field. “I would like to thank everyone who made us a partner in this success,” he said.

Speaking about GKN Cargo’s other possible sponsorship agreements, Akyürek said, “We had a sponsorship agreement with Beşiktaş Women’s Basketball Team before. We sat at the table for this year, but we could not agree. Our focus will be only on football this year. We plan to continue with Galatasaray.” completed.

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