SMA’s Yaren’s campaign was completed; going to Dubai for treatment

Yaren, the daughter of auto mechanic Gökhan Belli (27) and housewife Fatma Belli (24) living in Tekirdağ, was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 at the hospital where she was taken when she was only 5 months old. When she was first diagnosed, her family started an aid campaign with the permission of the governorship for Yaren, who stayed in the hospital for 7 months and was connected to 4 devices. In the campaign, the 1 million 844 thousand dollars required for Yaren to receive gene therapy in Dubai was completed the previous day. Little Yaren will be taken to Dubai in 10 days to receive gene therapy.

Fatma Belli, who stated that the necessary help was collected for the treatment of her daughter, said that they were very happy. Thanking everyone for their support, mother Belli said, “It was a very difficult process, a very wearing process. It was a very difficult process for Yaren in the first place. Yaren’s heart stopped 4 times, she fought very well. She fought very well, she never gave up. We took our strength from Yaren. We fought together with Yaren and our volunteer sisters and brothers who never left us alone always supported us, we thank them endlessly. We learned a lot in this campaign, we learned the good, we learned the bad. Everyone’s support is very valuable, There were those who shared their 1 TL with us. There were even support from children selling handkerchiefs on the street. It was a very different process for us, but in the end, Yaren won, our child won. We are very happy. There is really no recipe for this. We have been waiting for this moment for 2.5 years. Thank God Thank you for everyone’s hard work. They took care of our child and took hold of us. They embraced Yaren very well. We express our endless thanks to everyone who worked hard day and night. I am glad to have you,” he said.

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Fatma Belli, who wants other children with SMA to experience the joy and happiness they experience, said, “May my Lord, let all our children who are left behind experience this joy and happiness. If God permits, we will go to Dubai for our treatment in 10 days. Thank God, money transfer, everything. In 10 days, our Yaren goes to treatment. When we come after a 3-month treatment, none of those devices will be needed. Our child is not in this chair anymore, he will sit next to us the way we sit next to him. We are so happy as if our child was born again, we are so happy. “Thousands of supporters be pleased with everyone. Good people are glad they exist,” he said.

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Gökhan Belli, who stated that he and his wife fell into despair from time to time during the process, said, “Our aim is to keep a child alive. My Lord has brought good people to us. Yes, it is our child, but my Lord has given us all our strength for this trust. There has been a lot of despair, we will not be able to do it, how will it end, how will it end?” He said. It took a long time, 2 years have passed, a door has always been opened. Thank God, we are 100 percent in the campaign today. We are experiencing his happiness. May my Lord make all our children experience this joy,” he said.

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