Smart lock screen from Apple; When is the iOS 17 update? What features are included in the iOS 17 update? – Breaking Technology News

Apple is planning a new interface for an update that shows calendar, weather and incoming notifications on the smart lock screen as part of the new features coming in the iOS 17 software update.

Bringing the widget feature in the last update iOS 16, Apple made changes to the interface of the device with shortcuts on the lock screen on all devices that made the update.

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Apple plans to introduce the iOS 17 update at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5.

Although the details of the new update are not fully known yet, it is claimed that there will be a dark background behind the shiny text in the new smart display project. In this way, aiming to make written texts easier to read, Apple aims to provide a service where the phone can follow the weather, clock, calendar and notifications even when the phone is locked.

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It was stated that the company is also working on new updates for FaceTime and AirPlay, which allows streaming content from Apple devices to TVs and speakers.

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