Situations that will count as invalid votes! Which votes will be invalid? Example of ballot paper 28 May 2023

Vote Citizens wonder in which situations the votes are invalid before. The Supreme Election Board (YSK) warned the voters about the circumstances in which the votes would be deemed invalid in the election to be held on May 14. He also explained the situations that would be considered invalid votes in detail in a video he published. The same criteria will apply in this election.

Voting will start at 08:00 on 28 May and will end at 17:00. In the election, the voter one ballot this time will be given. Thinking that you voted wrong and voters who want a new compass will not be given.


1 – If “yes”, “preference” is not stamped,
2 – If more than one alliance, political party or candidate is voted,
3 – If the ballot paper is torn or torn in such a way that its integrity is broken,
4 – If any special sign, signature stamp or fingerprint other than the seal or instead of the seal is printed on the ballot paper,
5 – If the ballot is specifically scribbled, drawn or marked in a prominent way
6 – If any item with a sign meaning is removed from the envelope, the vote will be recorded as invalid.

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The Supreme Election Board (YSK) gave video information about invalid votes for the President and the 28th Term of Parliament elections.

– If the seal is not affixed to more than one alliance, party or candidate that is not in the same alliance, the votes will be invalid.

– Tearing or tearing the ballot paper in such a way that its integrity will be disrupted, printing any special sign, name, signature stamp or fingerprint on the ballot, other than the seal or instead of the seal, will also invalidate the vote.

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– In addition, if the ballot paper is clearly scribbled, drawn or marked, or if there is any item in the envelope that carries the purpose of a sign, the votes will be considered invalid.

Voters will put two separate ballot papers for the president and deputies in the same envelope and put them in the ballot box. First, the counting and listing of the ballot papers for the presidential election will be done. The invalidity of one election type in the ballot papers coming out of the envelope will not necessitate the invalidation of the other.

-Voters will stamp “YES” and “PREFERENCE” on the party they want. These ballot papers will be considered valid if the seal is pressed in the “area reserved for a political party”, “both in the area reserved for a political party and in the alliance title section” or “in the area reserved for a political party, overflowing the alliance title section”.

-The results will be marked in the column of that political party in the census sheet. In all cases where the stamp is stamped only within the alliance area on the compass, these ballot papers will also be considered valid and will be marked separately in the alliance’s “joint votes” column on the counting sheet. The share of the political party in the alliance from the common votes will be distributed according to the voting rates of the parties.

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How much is the penalty for not voting, how much is it? Is it compulsory to vote in the election? 2023 penalty for not voting!


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