Sitting down and being overweight can increase the risk of ingrown hairs.

Hair loss is a disease located between the hips, called the internatal area. In general, those who work sitting down and those whose two hips are deep, that is, people who are overweight, have hair in the area. Involvement of hair is the inversion of hair in various parts of the body, especially in the coccyx, groin and genital area, under the armpits, and entering under the skin and causing abscesses, wounds and fistulas by forming a hair cut. It affects social life negatively because it causes discomfort in simple sitting and standing actions. In order to prevent ingrown hair, it is important to give importance to personal hygiene, to stay away from excess weight and to stay physically active constantly.

Laser method provides comfort in the treatment of ingrown hairs

Many treatment methods have been used for ingrown hairs until today. In the procedure called Limberg flap, which is performed under general anesthesia for 1.5-2 hours, the area is removed in the form of a lozenge and the top is left uncovered. Keeping the treated area open can cause some difficulties in social life. The subsequent maintenance process also requires great precision.
In the past years, endoscopic pilonidal sinus treatment called epsit, which is one of the non-surgical methods, has also been applied to many patients. In this process, the cystic lesion inside is completely seen and cleaned with the camera by entering through the holes.

The most up-to-date treatment method for ingrown hair is the laser technique. The area with ingrown hair is burned with a laser under general anesthesia under camera vision. The two walls are glued together by shooting. Even in the most complicated cases of ingrown hair, the procedure takes 20-25 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the patient has no pain. Patients can sit comfortably after the procedure. In all other ingrown hair treatments, sitting on the post-procedure area is either completely prohibited or allowed within certain periods. After the laser hair removal procedure, you can return to daily life and start working the next day. You can take a shower immediately after the procedure. The only restriction after the procedure is not to do heavy sports for 6 weeks, not to ride a motorcycle and to take a break from sports such as rowing. One of the biggest advantages of lepsit is that the process can be repeated. Since no extra incision is made on the patient, there is no problem in cases where the procedure needs to be repeated.

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